Sweets & Savouries since 1973.

Sharmilee has been producing traditional Indian sweets and vegetarian delicacies since it was founded in 1973 by the Gosai family, who continue to run the business today.

We pride ourselves on using the best ingredients, following the most authentic recipes, and having the most dedicated staff. The authentic Indian sweets and savouries, which are all freshly handmade on site, have become one of the most beloved local brands.

Whats different about Sharmilee?

Sharmilee has built a name for itself and those who know of it, expect sweets and savouries of the highest quality made from the finest ingredients. We make all our sweets and savouries in-house, which means none of our items are externally sourced. Methods passed down from generations are being used with specialist sweet chefs to ensure you receive the best, authentic taste of India, right on your doorstep.